Cosplay and Science Fiction

Cosplay and Science Fiction

Attendees of science fiction conventions often love to dress up in costumes of their favorite characters. This is known as cosplay. Some conventions are dedicated to just one show, such as the Supernatural conventions which still run, even though the show finished after 15 seasons. Others are dedicated to a whole genre, like Comic-con, which historically has been the place to go to have meet and greets with stars of comic based heroes such as Marvel, DC and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, many of which have also been immortalised on TV and cinema.

Make-up and Skin Care

Often when dressing up as their favorite characters, cosplayers will be applying a lot of make-up. Not just a thin layer as they might on an ordinary night out with friends, but thickly applied to include scars and wounds. This can play havoc with the skin, and regular cosplayers may find themselves having breakouts of acne, or their skin is just looking generally tired.

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Why Sci-Fi Cosplay?

Some may be wondering why Sci-Fi and Sci-Fi cosplay are so popular and while there are many theories, perhaps the opportunity to ‘become’ someone else, or something else, even for a little while is the main appeal. Fancy dress is one thing, but cosplay takes this to a whole new level. It is very popular in Japan, where it is a fairly common sight to see people walking the streets dressed like Anime or Manga characters. There are some people that take it very seriously too, and live their lives around cosplay and the characters they enjoy, a hobby and a bit of fun suddenly has become a way of life.

Science Fiction

The Science Fiction genre is slowly taking the world by storm. Once upon a time science fiction was thought to be loved only by nerds and geeks or conspiracy theorists, but these days it is becoming far more mainstream. With shows like Supernatural, which covers all the things that go bump in the night with their monster of the week storylines, to more lighthearted shows like The Big Bang Theory, whose characters not only love everything science fiction, but also enjoy a lot of cosplay, the genre has really entered into homes and has become the norm for more people.

Anyone who has never watched or read anything in the sci-fi genre, really should give it a try, it opens up a whole new world full of imagination and wonder.