Staying Comfortable at Historical Re-Enactment Events

Staying Comfortable at Historical Re-Enactment Events

For those who enjoy history, there is no better feeling than bringing it back to life. Many people belong to re-enactment societies, where events are held to depict certain moments from history. This involves dressing in the appropriate costumes of a particular era. There are various categories of re-enactors; farbs, mainstream and progressive. The majority of people fall into the mainstream bracket.

Mainstream Re-Enactors

The so-called mainstream re-enactors don’t totally immerse themselves in the lifestyle and the dress of the period they are bringing to life. Similar to cosplay, it has to be said that some of the costumes of specific eras could be uncomfortable, particularly undergarments. As such, wearing gym clothes for women under the outfit is deemed acceptable by mainstream re-enactors. Such details can’t be seen by the audience but allow the actors to remain cool and comfortable.

The leisurewear company Aim’n has a wide range of gym clothes for women that would be suitable to wear under historical costumes. If, for example, it was a cooler day, and women were expected to wear a long, thin dress in keeping with the time period, they could wear a pair of gym leggings or tights underneath. Aim’n offers a selection of seamless tights which prevent chafing and rubbing if worn for long periods at the historic event.

Modesty is perhaps another concern for female re-enactors. They may be particularly interested in earlier periods of time when bras were not worn. To ensure no flesh is on show, they could wear a soft, seamless bra from Aim’n from a choice of 25 colors to match any outfit.

Re-enacting is an excellent hobby for those who love history, and there are many societies around the world to join. Social media is another great resource for finding like-minded people to enjoy recreating all your historical fantasies!